Monday, 31 May 2010

Slam Dunk Festival South 2010 Review

On Saturday, I took the journey upto Hatfield to visit the University of Hertfordshire and the Slam Dunk South Festival.

I rolled into Hatfield at about 2pm and then arrived on the site at about 3pm. At this point, there was already a pretty long queue for wristband's and it took me about half hour to get mine. Not a massive wait but it caused me to miss the start of The Skints, already short set (who were awesome by the way).

For the next few bands I stayed at the Vans stage and saw Me vs Hero (they were ok.. but didn't really grab my attention), Random Hand (awesome, the mix of ska and metal really works and ill be keeping my eye on these guys), Sonic Boom Six (Killed it! one of the best bands of the day) and RX Bandits (Amazing, although they came on late and the sound was poor which tainted it a bit).

I then ventured outside for the first time that afternoon and headed for the Atticus stage to see Against Me! Their set was pretty good, they played a few of their hits and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Again, the sound was a bit on the hollow side for my liking.

We then tried to get back in the Vans stage for Capdown. There was a massive queue though and after an age of waiting, we were told that we should go queue round at the other entrance. So we left the queue, only to be told that it was a fire exit and we needed to go back, WHAT!

So we went back and eventually, we got in and after 3 years, I got to see one of my favourite bands and they didn't disappoint. All in all, it was a pretty decent show. A few of the low points would be the unhelpful security (who man-handled a few people from what I heard), the venue not being able to hold the amount of people who attended and the poor sound quality.

If those three things amongst the other problems which people had get fixed for next year, i'll be back!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Awesome cover

I was sat on my computer last night and in between the videos of cute cats on YouTube. I was checking out various songs from some of my favorite bands. One of these bands were Big D And The Kids Table (one of my favourite 3rd wave ska bands).

The song I listening to was the below..

Pretty catchy eh? I then came across this acoustic cover version of the song by a fan..


This cover was even endorsed by Dave from the band who invited the young lady to come join them on their next tour to play it.

What are some of your favorite songs and covers of them? Or what are some of the WORST covers that you've heard?