Saturday, 3 October 2009

The long lost update..

Hey guys,

I was "supposed" to update this blog on a regular basis, but as you can see, it hasn't been done in over a month.

Don't worry though! Normal service will resume soon.. I just have a few things in my personal life that need sorting.. nothing to draastic.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Leaving.. on a jet plane..

I not blogged this week.. and unless I find a stranger who's kind enough to let me make a entry from their phone.. this will probably be my last.

That is because tomorrow im off to..


To say im looking forward to it is probably a gross misunderstatement of epic proportions. Ive been to four Reading Festivals.. 03, 04, 08 and now 09.. yes theres a bucket load of limp indie rock acts on the main stage but "meh.." seeing rock acts on a big stage ain't my kinda thing. I'm more excited to see alot of the punk bands in the tent's including Streetlight Manifesto, Mad Caddies, The Aggrolites, Snuff and plenty more!

Ive still got loads to pack but ill probably leave it till the very last minute.. as usual.. forget something then spend the weekend off my face without a care in the world :D

I love Reading!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

What to do on a Sunday?

What does everyone do on a Sunday?

Day of rest IMO..

Saturday, 22 August 2009


I got in a while ago and am sitting here, watching the cricket and playing with my phone when I had this sudden urge. I had to write something.

I love writing. I think it stems from a young age where I would just sit with a pen in my hand and write the first word that came into my mind. After a period of 10 minutes or so, I would take those words and try to make a short story. Kinda stupid looking back on it now but it was great fun on a rainy day.

I tried to access Blogger via my iPhone but that just didnt work. Then I searched "Blogspot" in the app store and I found an app called BlogPress.

It's very cheap and well worth it in my opinion. It is full of features and supports many blogs including msn spaces and wordpress. You can take and upload pictures directly, perform basic formatting and simple things like editing posts.

Bad points? Well, have you ever tried to write anything substantial with the iPhones keyboard? If you can get over that though then it's a very good app.

I don't know how to do a AppStore link so just search for it :)

If you like blogging.. Have a iPhone and a spare couple of quid you have no reason not to check out this app.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Hello and welcome to my world..


Before I go any further, I just wish to take this opportunity and thank you in advance for taking the time to read the random thoughts that this blog contains.

Now we've got the sappy crap out the way.. A bit about me.. we'll I'm a fine example of a 22 year old male living in the lovely Wiltshire countryside. I work full time for a local company doing lots of exciting things with mobile phones which I wont go into detail in this blog as it will probably blow your mind.. and I don't want any injuries on my hand..

Why did I create this blog? Simple really.. I enjoy writing and thats about it! I like writing about things that not only interest me but news stoies and the such. I'll try to be as insteresting as I can but I guess you'll be the judges of that..

I'm probably gonna try and update this blog a few times a week. I'd really appreciate it if you could add me as a friend.. follow me on twitter or add me to one of the other social network sites which I'm on.. thanks!