Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Leaving.. on a jet plane..

I not blogged this week.. and unless I find a stranger who's kind enough to let me make a entry from their phone.. this will probably be my last.

That is because tomorrow im off to..


To say im looking forward to it is probably a gross misunderstatement of epic proportions. Ive been to four Reading Festivals.. 03, 04, 08 and now 09.. yes theres a bucket load of limp indie rock acts on the main stage but "meh.." seeing rock acts on a big stage ain't my kinda thing. I'm more excited to see alot of the punk bands in the tent's including Streetlight Manifesto, Mad Caddies, The Aggrolites, Snuff and plenty more!

Ive still got loads to pack but ill probably leave it till the very last minute.. as usual.. forget something then spend the weekend off my face without a care in the world :D

I love Reading!


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