Friday, 12 March 2010

Slam Dunk Festival 2010

Anyone going? I've just bought my ticket and can't wait :D It's going to be my first Slam Dunk ever festival .I have always been tempted to attend but the fact that it was always held up in Leeds, on a Sunday, was a bit of a pain for me because of trains and stuff. But this one also is going to be held at the University of Herefordshire on Saturday the 29th of May.

After seeing the first initial bands announced to play a few weeks backed, I almost got to excited for words. A Capdown reunion show? I'm there! And the RX Bandits as well?.. oh boy oh boy..

Then a few days ago, more bands were announced including the likes of Alkaline Trio and Against Me! We'll that sealed it for me, im so there!

Anyone else reading this going? Or been to the University? Is it easy to get to and more importantly, get back from? Who are you looking forward to seeing?


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