Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ive not forgotten!

Just a quick note guys to say that ive not forgotten about the short storys project. Ive actully got the first draft of the first chapter sat here on my hard drive. It's just tough a the moment finding the time to finish it.

Ive been getting over an illness this past week and I find myself having to catch up with a few things this week as well as decorating and... you get the picture.

You guy's do deserve to read something at least, and that I understand. So hopefully, if I get time this evening, ill go through the first chapter, make any changes that need to be changed and post it for you guys to review :)

I know this was meant to be a "short story" but I find myself just writing and writing and ending up with a chapter that's 500 odd words. Still relatively short compared to most novels but to someone who doesn't write a lot, it may just as well BE a novel.

But yea.. keep your eyes peeled dudes and dudettes.. it is coming!!!!


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