Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Google Buzz - Something Old Or Something New?

Incase you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks. Announced last week, Google introduced their competitor to Facebook and Twitter in the form of Google Buzz.

The tool which is built into Gmail, allows you to post updates (Buzzes?) to other users that are following you. These posts can contain content from YouTube, Blogs, Picasa and other online services. So its kinda like a blogging service like Twitter but without the "micro" aspect.

The question I have to ask is do we need this service? It's nothing really new and just seems to be filling a hole that isn't there. There's also the fact that its built right into Gmail, so atleast you can be "buzzing" while actually looking like you doing work..

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Anonymous said...

Agree with you!! Google like to kill their competitors (read Facebook and twitter) with Buzz. But, they are not providing something unique. Buzz is just a combination of Facebook's status updates and twitter's followers idea!

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