Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Got My Free Rage Against The Machine Ticket!

As promised by the band when they made history when their single "Killing In The Name" reached christmas #1. The band will be playing a free gig in Finsbury park this summer to celebrate this once in a life time achievement.

And after an hour of trying to get through, multiple tabs and differant browsers, seeing the "Service Busy" error a million times. I FINALLY got through and ordered my free ticket.. woop!

I'm so happy right now, RATM are one of the bands that got my into Metal/Rock music many years ago and although I saw them two years back at Reading. I cant wait to see them perform "Killing In The Name" again!

Did you manage to get a ticket? If not keep trying is all I can say. Hit F5 till your fingers bleed, you WILL get through!


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