Friday, 26 February 2010

Next iPhone to have a front facing camera? Probably not..

Some smart boffins did some snoooping around in the latest version of the iPad SDK and discovered that Apple has the API's in place for a front facing camera, video conferencing, camera zoom and camera flash support. Unfortunatly we already know how this story ends and the iPad is missing these features :(

But as the software running the iPad is a modified version of the iPhone SDK. Could these features make it into the next iPhone? In a short answer.. no.

Along with the above discoveries they also found this image:

Simply going by the size of these buttons, they were probably intended for the iPad but the function got left out for some unknown reason. But at least Apple have some to add to the second generation of the device.

A front facing camera for the iPhone has been a long requested feature and maybe Apple have listened to our crys and impliment it in the next version which is due out this summer.. who knows?


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